Vojtěch Hořánek

A new domain

I have bought a new domain in a special sale where it was really cheap.

Let's Encrypt

I've changed the certificate to Let's Encrypts since GitLab does not provide their own and having this site on cloudflare seems like a little too much.

Responsive design

I've redesigned this page once again. I used the awesome css-grid, so now it was really easy to make this site responsive. It also features no javascript!

Moved to GitLab

I moved this site to GitLab due to the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft.


As you might have noticed, this website is now using https thanks to cloudflare GitHub. I don't really know why is it useful here, but it makes it look more official. I'm also using GitHub pages for webhosting since this page is completely static and I had no reason to keep using hostinger.